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Free Bingo

You only need to check out a handful of bingo websites to realise that many female customers enjoy this form of gambling which is completely luck-based and largely requires little skill.

While bingo customers enjoy the thrill of playing and winning when they visit their favourite operator site, part of the pleasure comes from the community feel enjoyed at sites such as bet365 bingo and Ladbrokes bingo, where players see familiar names and faces.

Indeed, any self-respecting bingo website have a chat facility available where players can interact so this is very much a social experience as well as a gaming one.

You can generally enjoy a welcome bonus when you sign up with a bingo site, with a typical offering being £20 free when you spend £10 at an operator website. There are a variety of rooms available at each site and a range of prizes that are up for grabs.

Most sites will provide a full listing of the upcoming bingo games that are about to start, with 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo being popular forms of the game, while the tickets generally range between 1p and 15p although there are also higher-stake games that come around.

Bingo players love to take advantage of promotions and popular TV game show Deal or No Deal have lent their format to several games, while there is also a DOND prize night where big cash amounts can be won.

The community aspect of a bingo room can be seen in many forms, with players engaging on the site while there are also social media channels that are utilised such as Facebook and Twitter, while many bingo sites also have a dedicated YouTube channel available.

Many customers stay loyal to one particular bingo room and there are generally accompanying loyalty schemes where you can convert points into prizes. VIP Clubs are also designed for the regulars who are visiting the site all the time. They can receive the red carpet treatment and enjoy days out with representatives of the website.

Because the game of bingo is largely based on skill, bingo operators are pretty transparent when it comes to publicising the big winners and so you can generally get an idea of the fantastic prizes that are being won by fellow competitors.

There are also instant win bingo games such as Big Top Tombola, Nest Egg and Clover Rollover, where you can stake a certain amount and potentially win in a few seconds rather than play in a full-length game.

Any self-respecting bingo site will provide a safe and secure environment for players to visit, deposit and play their money through. The balls are always drawn at random and players tend to select multiple tickets so that they stand the best possible chance of winning a game.

Bet365 Bingo are one of the leading rooms and several of their promotions include Lunchtime Special, Last Chance Tuesday and The Breakfast Club where you can enjoy some early morning bingo for cash prizes.